Repairing Trip Computer LED 452

Repairing Smart Roadster Trip Computer LED back light.

To do this repair, you will need a new LED strip. The old original one is now burned out and probably not repairable.

There are guides on evilution and other websites how to do this repair using alternative method with PLCC-2 LEDs.

I have tried the above method, and yes it does work and it is cheap, but you do see the horrible dark vertical lines on the display and the colours don’t match the radio most of the times.

I am a strong advocate for the originality and quality. I prefer to keep our cars in close to original condition without modifications which are altering the experience too much. This made me develop the LED Strip to replace the original using high quality SMD LEDs. The PCB is manufactured in the factory and it is an excellent fit to the original.

Essentials tools you will need:
1. Repair LED Strip – eBay Link
2. T8 Screw Driver
3. Soldering Iron
4. Desoldering Pump (or Desoldering Wire) or any other tool to remove old solder.
5. Solder

Soldering Irons and supplies are fairly cheap nowadays and can be bought in most of the places. T8 bit is a bit harder to find, but if you are in UK, this is just sold on ebay for couple of quid.

The rest of the steps will be doubled up in the video below:
1. Remove 4 T8 screws at the back of the Trip Computer
2. Remove the panels and the buttons from the PCB. (Do not loose little springs inside the buttons)
3. Now you need to unsolder the screen from PCB.
4. Remove the cable strip.
5. Screen is attached to PCB with 6 solder joints. It will be hard to unsolder, and you might need to pivot the screen with something non conductive or by using two soldering irons.
6. You will need to remove old solder too, as it will make it easier to remove the screen.
7. Now that you have the screen separate, you need to take it apart. The old LED Strip is within the plastic diffuser.
8. Replace the LED Strip and repeat all the steps again in reverse order. Don’t forget to connect the cable back and solder back the 6 joints.

This is also offered as a mail order repair, in a separate eBay listing, if you want me to replace it for you.